Sega Mega Drive & Nintendo 64 Repair

Had a poorly Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo 64 in over the few days with power issues.

The Mega Drive was turning off when moved around even slightly and the N64 had no power at all.

Diagnosis showed the N64 had a faulty power brick and whilst we attempted a repair, it was decided to just replace it with a working refurbished unit we had in stock.

The Mega Drive often suffers from dry and fractured connections at the DC power connector and it was exactly that in this case, so out came the soldering iron and desoldering braid to remove the old solder and put some fresh new metal on. While at it we also reinforced all the other connections in the area to prevent any further issues in the future.

The Mega Drive controller's D-pad was a bit squeaky, so we opened it up to give it a good clean out and a lil grease on the hat plate. Now nice and quiet!

A very fun repair job, thank you Josh and I hope you enjoy!

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